Vacation in Utah: Try it! You'll like it!

Let me say up front: the Utah Tourism Bureau is paying me absolutely nothing for this. But they should be. So if you work for them, you may send a check or make a direct deposit to my savings account.

Here's a quiz about my state! Those who have enjoyed the pleasure of visiting or--even better!--living in Utah will do quite well; for those of you unfortunate souls who haven't--try your best!
1. Utah emcompasses A) vast deserts and salt flats B) sky-scraping mountains and forests C) narrow canyons and sheer cliffs D) all of the above
2. Utah scenery is A) amazing B) gorgeous C) breath-taking D) all of the above
3. Who should at least visit Utah at some point in their lives? A) hikers B) photographers C) anyone else who has a pulse D) all of the above

Answer "D" is correct for all three questions. And yes, there's only one right answer to each!

I had an amazing vacation during the first week of October. It was wonderful to hop in Bubbles--when she was running smoothly!--and play the tourist in my own state, seeing something new each day.

Of course, I must give credit to my fellow sight-seer, who made everything twice as enjoyable. My friend Brock flew all the way from Virginia to soak up the Utah beauty and it was my honor to be his hostess.

These pics don't do the place justice; come see for yourself!


"Name them one by one..."

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