Death in Black and White: The Sequel

I had a cow today. For lunch! Remember my nemesis, Torro the steer? Well, I have now ingested a nice, juicy, round beef patty made from his tender flesh. Who's laughing now, big guy?? Ah, the sweet revenge of the carnivore.


Likeable Persons

Above, there are likely some likenesses of a few very Likeable Persons. Tim and Kristine, Kira, Nathan by name. I like Likeable Persons because they save me a lot of effort. I try to like Everyone, and generally I succeed, but it sure takes a lot of work in some cases. Likeable Persons ease my emotional work load. Likeable Persons are far from being classified as endangered species, but they are just rare enough to make them extremely special. That's why I am blessed to have had four of them visit me in the past couple weeks! How did they earn such an honored title? Well, two of them flew 1,100 miles, one drove 3 1/2 hours, and the other drove 2,000 miles to reach Provo, Utah. This makes them ready candidates. Besides that, they are all believers full of edifying speech, sincerity, and the joy of the Lord. I know quite a few Likeable People. If you're one of them--which you probably are if you're reading my lame blog--I hope you know how much I appreciate you. Thanks for your friendship! Keep up the Likeableness. (If you're not but you're dying to be, sending me gourmet chocolate and crisp $50 bills facilitates the process...)