In Memoriam

In memoriam of the 52,008,665 American persons aborted since 1973,
the smiles they never brought,
the love they never received nor gave,
the cures for diseases they never discovered,
the social justice and humanity they never fought for,
the books they never wrote,
the masterpieces they never painted,
the inherent value of their lives never recognized,
their God-given potential never realized.


MaKe iT COuNT, #2: Nifty Thrift

You can support local charities, positively affect the environment and save money--all in a trip to your local thrift store.

Mine is Savers of Orem.  When I shop there (often), a portion of what I spend supports the Friends of National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Utah.  That's good.  Reducing solid waste?  Great.  Finding a mint-condition Paul Simon LP for 75¢?  Now that's what I'm talking about.

Bonus: you can empty your closet's contents and fill it up again at the same place.  Last I checked, you can't leave a box of sweaters at Old Navy's back door before buying a new one.

Where/how/when you spend your money matters. MaKe iT COuNT.


MaKe iT COuNT, #1: May Your Lobbys Increase

Kudos to arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby for ads like this one, placed in hundreds of newspapers every Christmas, Easter and Independence Day since 1997.

Lend a hearty "amen" to the message of their ads by shopping your local Hobby Lobby. Or shop online the next time you need holiday decs, picture frames or scrapbook supplies.

Where/how/when you spend your money matters. MaKe iT COuNT.