A Picture, a Memory, and a Wallpaper Shirt

Here I am with Daniel and Karen, Sarah and James, all former classmates at Appalachian. Daniel and Karen were attending Candidate Orientation with me at Biblical Ministries Worldwide in July. Lord willing, they'll be missionaries in Japan soon. Sarah and James live in the Atlanta area and are involved in youth ministry in their church. It is an awesome thing to see my classmates living out what we learned in Bible college! I remember praying in chapel services and during the annual missions conferences for the Lord to send out workers into His harvest. I don't think we really grasped back then that He was answering those prayers by sending us!

Warm fuzzies aside...check out the shirt! Didn't know they make coordinating clothing and wall decor, did ya?!


Neutrality Loathesome

God will have all, or none; serve Him, or fall
Down before Baal, Bel, or Belial:
Either be hot, or cold: God doth despise,
Abhor, and spew out all Neutralities.

Robert Herrick (1591-1674)