Keeping Missions In Front(ier)

One of my 2011 ministry goals was to post twice a month on my blog.  Ha.  That's me: ever the optimist.  But there is still three hours left in February, if you're in Mountain time like I—and if you're not, you really should consider moving west and adding another hour to your life—so I'll rustle up a post.  It is simply a short but hearty endorsement of this:
I had the privilege of being at Frontier School of the Bible for six days this month, participating in a missions conference.  I say "a" missions conference, not "the" missions conference, because Frontier has three every school year.  Three, for crying out loud.  And here I thought the "missions conference" was an endangered animal.  But there it was: six days of special speakers and workshops and dinners and presentations and displays, all with the purpose of exposing students to opportunities of participating in Christ's Great Commission.

As if that weren't enough, I was also impressed with the warmth of the student body, the friendliness of the faculty and staff, the homemade goodness of the food, and the pleasantness of the facilities and setting.  And did I mention the food?

Frontier School of the Bible is located in rural southeastern Wyoming.  Affordable, concentrated study of God's Word and preparation for ministry.  Check it out here.