Up next: a tongue stud?

My facial hardware has increased by 200% during the last few months. The braces were very painful for the first few days, but I'm seeing huge improvements already and I'm so excited about the end result. Meanwhile, I don't eat popcorn, I carry a toothbrush with me everywhere, and I spend 15 minutes every evening flossing. I make it fun by listening to CDs I borrow from the library.

The glasses are my first pair ever, and I wouldn't even have them except that I work for an eye doctor. It's good advertising. In case in you're into such things, as I am, they're designer frames--"Ambrosia" by BCBGMAXAZRIA, with polycarbonate, anti-reflective lenses. I love them! Even though my prescription is pretty slight, it's amazing how colors "pop" and everything seems that much more brilliant when I'm wearing my glasses.

So what's next, a tongue stud? An eyebrow ring? Alas, the magnets on my fridge already slide toward me whenever I come near. I'd better call it quits on the metal for now.


ngolden said...

I say go all out and get a nose ring with a chain attached to your earring. That wouldn't be gaudy or anything. By the way, thanks for your last email - I'm going to see the new temple in a month and you've already given me a good perspective on it.

malu said...

Good thing I knew where I was going, or I wouldn't've recognized the site! Love those shiny braces! And the glasses make me think you'll be getting into politics next. Thanks for sharing yourself with us!