Blogger's guilt: I've got a bad case, Doc.

And so I should, considering it's been a scandalous 3.5 months since my last post.  But I'll skip the excuses, since none of them involve a life-threatening illness, or the loss of all ten fingers, or a whirlwind romance culminating in a three-month honeymoon at a wifi-less Swiss chalet.

Instead of writing excuses, I'll write—hang onto your hat, now—I'll write a post.

There.  I've committed.

Silence, prepare ye to be broken forthwith and heartily.  Yea, verily and amen.


Anonymous said...

So,more post are coming? SWEEEEEET

MaLu said...

I've been waiting ... and waiting... and waiting.... Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Sooo relieved that you did NOT lose all 10 fingers! Fhew! Though I would have been happy for you if you'd found yourself in a wifi-less Swiss Chalet for a few months : ) Maybe another time...

Karisa said...

Thank you, Anonymous and MaLu. Your devotion is terribly flattering and completely inexplicable.

Cristelle: You will be the first to know, if that ever happens. I would probably need a crash course from my French-speaking relations.